Create a Show with Turpentine

Our talent and hosts are active experts in their fields who want to have dynamic conversations about topics they’re passionate and knowledgeable about and open source the knowledge that they have unique access to. 

We partner with busy people and will handle everything but the episode content itself, including producing, editing, publishing, monetization, growth, and more. And by publishing on our network, you get access to our growing audience of world-class founders, investors, technologists, executives, and media operators.

We’re actively looking for shows across a wide range of niches, like:

- The definitive show for every exec position you’d hire for (e.g. CFOs, CMOs, CTOs)

- Or for every category you’d invest in (e.g. Bio, Cybersecurity)

- Unique situations (philanthropy, financial advice, advice for people in their 20s, stories of early employees, “power couples”, etc)

- Applying formats, old and new, to tech and business topics (debates, recaps and analysis, anonymous tips, etc)

If you have an idea for a show – or already have a show and want to take it to the next level – please use our pitch form.

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