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Turpentine is a podcast network where experts talk with experts.

Across our network of shows, our audience includes the world’s top founders, investors, avid technologists, execs, high net worth individuals, and media operators. Already, Turpentine’s shows are industry-leading and set the agenda for the discussions that matter in tech and business.

We seek long-term partners to sponsor our shows – companies that share a common mission to equip our audience with the essential information and tools they need to be on the cutting edge of their industries and crafts.

More about our shows

"The Cognitive Revolution": Hosted by Nathan Labenz, it was recently named one of the best podcasts for AI enthusiasts by Business Insider, with the technologist’s take on the underlying technology driving generative AI, LLMs, etc. Guests have included prominent AI/ML founders (like Replika's Eugenia Kuyda, Perplexity AI's Aravind Srinivas) and researchers (like Skype founder Jaan Tallinn, Scale AI's Riley Goodside, and Google Health's Vivek Natarajan), investors like Elad Gil and Sarah Guo, scouts and analysts like Ben Tossell, and more.

"Moment of Zen": Hosted by Antonio García Martínez, Dan Romero, and Erik Torenberg, this show is like The All-In Podcast, except by and for founders and operators. It has a growing fanbase of the most influential people in tech, business, and culture, and guests include a16z's Katherine Boyle, Pirate Wires' Mike Solana, Balaji Srinivasan, Replit's Amjad Masad, and more. As Marc Andreessen said of the show, “Having content of this superb quality available for free is a gift. I highly recommend.”

"Upstream with Erik Torenberg": This show is fast becoming a must-listen among top founders and investors, with Mercury’s Immad Akhund calling it “a great new podcast” and Primer’s Ryan Delk called Erik “the greatest interviewer of our generation”. Guests have included: Marc Andreessen, Ezra Klein, Benedict Evans, Katherine Boyle, Sam Harris, Joe Lonsdale, David Sacks, and more.

We distribute our shows across all of the major podcast platforms, YouTube, social channels, and dedicated newsletters, and we’re growing rapidly across these channels. 

In addition, we have several shows in development and welcome sponsorship opportunities ahead of release. 

To learn more about our sponsorship packages and upcoming shows, please contact us here.